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Oct 4th to the 29th Various

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 The Ogunquit Playhouse is honored to be collaborating with Tim Rice and the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival on the rollout of the North American premiere of the epic new musical From Here to Eternity, based on James Jones’ acclaimed novel with lyrics by Tim Rice, book by Donald Rice and Bill Oakes, and music by Stuart Brayson. Set in Hawaii in the weeks before the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, this epic tale follows the powerful story of two U.S soldiers, the soulful Private Prewitt and ardent Sergeant Warden, as they embark on doomed and dangerous love affairs with the wrong women. As the infamous date of December 7th approaches, the claustrophobic world of the four lovers and the desperation of the soldiers of G Company splinter amidst an escalating war. The compelling story of men at war along with a fantastic new score is not to be missed.




From Here to Eternity

(or Heroic Hunks Hit Hawaii While Handling Heated Exchanges with Heavenly Hotties )

A Review by Jason Pendergast


The Ogunquit Playhouse hits the right notes in their 85th Season Finale.  After taking a break to from their usual fare this summer, they end on a real bang- even before the Japanese Bombers arrive.  This time, the Playhouse brings to the stage a musical experience that hits all the right notes for the type of plays it excels with-  exotic locations, steamy romance, power struggles with authoritarian figures, struggling underdogs you love to root for and life altering tragedies.  Based on the novel with the same name, it tracks several army men, their love interests and their interactions with locals in the days leading up to the attack on the Pearl Harbor, the long considered “safe and boring” alternative to Europe for enlisted men.

Our main hero is the honorable private, Robert E. Lee Prewitt (Derek Carley), a recent transfer to this base, who is known for his boxing skills.   After a recent fight blinds another man, however, he has a change of heart and decides to retire from the ring.   This does not jive well with the base’s Captain, Dana Holmes (Bradley Dean), who hopes to use Prewitt to ensure a win in the local boxing matches, which could lead to his transfer off the island.  Meanwhile, Holmes’ gorgeous but neglected wife, Karen (Robyn Hurder) is involved in an affair with Holmes’ Sargent, Milt Warden (Kevin Aichele), who is conflicted between love and career.  To further complicate matters, Prewitt becomes infatuated with a local prostitute Lorene (Jenna Nicole Schoen), who may or may not be genuinely falling for him.

These subplots intertwine under a gorgeous canopy of palm trees, leis, exotic costumes, power house singing and some pretty sexy dancing numbers.  The ladies look simply stunning in (and partially out) of their Polynesian outfits.  And for the men….  All I gotta say is “Wowzers!”   Perhaps it is due to the relatively chaste shows that have been done recently, but it was a welcome change to see such a nice set of eye candy on display due those military bunk numbers.   (The “Thirty Year Man”  number gave the boys a chance to strut their stuff in their tight uniforms, while “Don’cha Like Hawaii” and “Boys of ‘41” give the female members opportunities to shine.

“From Here to Eternity” is running now through October 29th.  For tickets and show times, call 207-646-5511 or visit their website at Ogunquitplayhouse.com.


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Set in Hawaii in the weeks before the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, this epic tale follows the powerful story of two U.S. soldiers as they embark on doomed and dangerous love affairs with the wrong women. Read Jason's View

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